When you need a physical office, consider coworking

Coworking and physical office in Hungary

Are you managing a Hungarian company? Do you need a physical office? Depending on how much you intend to use it, you might be better off with options provided by a coworking space.

What do you need a physical office for?

Most businesses in Hungary do not need a physical space of operation right from the date of incorporation. In many cases, it is enough to have a virtual office: a physical address that can be used as the registered seat of the company, from where incoming official mail can be forwarded either to the manager or directly to the accountant. Processing mail is done by the employees of the virtual office provider. The registered seat is their workplace; you can go there to pick up mail, but you should not expect to be able to spend time there.

However, to start proper operation, you might need a physical space. You might want to have somewhere to meet potential clients, providers, or employees, or you might just need a place where you can sit in peace, working on growing your business. In other words, you might need a physical office.

Cost-effective office space

Renting an office full-time may be quite costly, and it might not even be necessary. If you are not staying in Hungary, at first you might be better off with a partner who can provide you an office space on an ad hoc basis, whenever you need it – for the fraction of the price. You can get a desk, access to wi-fi and coffee, you can bring guests, and you can even do some networking, building relationships with the other businesspeople and freelancers working at the same office. Coworking offices usually have meeting rooms available too, which can be rented separately for group meetings.

Once you have grown your network enough, you might need an physical office or shop of your own where your employees can work or where you can sell your wares. Until then, however, it makes sense not to waste resources, and focus them on what your business actually needs.

Check out our Office+ company setup package

To provide a cost-effective solution for access to a physical office from Day 1 after company formation, we have partnered with several coworking offices to include their facilities in our company setup service. If you choose our Office+ package when registering your Hungarian company, not only you get professional mail forwarding at your registered seat, complete with actionable English summaries whenever necessary, but also unlimited access to a coworking office for 6 months.

You can go to “your” office every day, you can bring a guest anytime, and you can even rent one of the meeting rooms. Exact conditions depend on which provider you choose, so you will certainly find an option that fits your needs. The coworking office gives you a convenient place to use as your Hungarian headquarters until you can set up your own physical office, without spending valuable resources on selecting the perfect place before you would really need it.

Got you interested? Send us a message, and ask about how to make the most of a coworking space when setting up a company in Hungary.