Accountant at your Hungarian company

What does an accountant do at a Hungarian company?

In Hungary, every company is required to have an accountant to remain compliant with regulations. But what exactly can and cannot an accountant do? Should you get one on payroll or can you outsource these tasks? What to watch out for? Read on to find out.

BKIK membership as opposed to yearly contributions

All companies registered in Budapest have obligations towards BKIK, the Budapest Chamber of Commerce: every year, they must provide the Chamber of Commerce with information about their activity and pay a small contribution. However, joining BKIK is optional, meaning that the yearly contribution is not a membership fee. So what is the difference between the …

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Hungarian and EU VAT number

Hungarian and EU VAT number

Applying for a VAT number is in most cases part of the company setup procedure. In Hungary, you can apply for an EU VAT number right when you register your company, without extra costs or waiting time. But what is a VAT number for?