We offer our Hungarian company formation services in packages. All of them contain every element that is absolutely necessary for company setup in Hungary. However, the additional elements in higher packages make setting up a business in Hungary more convenient and cost-effective.



The essentials of company formation in Hungary. This is the core of what we do, included in all our packages.

  • company formation (company registration in person or via POA) 
  • company registration tax 
  • local and EU VAT number 
  • bank introduction 
  • documentation in Hungarian and English 
  • personal tax number and social security number for the director 
  • chamber of commerce registration (incl. membership fee for the first year) 
  • registration for electronic administration (the “Client Gate”): we accompany you to the public records office to register for electronic administration, vital for the accountancy of your Hungarian company



In addition to everything in the Essential package, you get the following:

  • registered office for one year (prestigious business address next to the Parliament)
  • comprehensive mail forwarding and back office for one year: we collect your incoming mail, open it, then forward it to your accountant, or, if necessary, prepare a short summary for you in English, complete with instructions on what (if any) action you need to take
  • company extract in English: verifies that you are operating a company in Hungary, useful e.g. in negotiation with business partners

This package is ideal for business owners who already know their way around Hungarian bureaucracy but would still need assistance in acting upon important official letters written in Hungarian, while saving the costs of employing an assistant of their own.



In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following: 

  • physical office with contract for 6 months: This is an actual office space you can use without limitations. You can bring a guest any time or you can rent a meeting room for up to 11 people.

This package is ideal for serious investors who want to be hands on with their business, and potentially want to relocate to Budapest. Have a place you can use as your headquarters before setting up your own shop or office besides getting help with bureaucracy and handling incoming official mail.



In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following:

  • accountancy for 6 months, complete with handling up to 3 bank accounts, issuing up to 20 invoices per month, and doing payroll for up to 2 employees. 

This package is ideal for foreign business-owners who want to take advantage of an English-speaking accounting team from Day 1 of the company’s operation and make sure that the company remains compliant with local tax regulations even while there is little activity.



In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following: 

  • remote bank account opening: the Hungarian bank account of the company will be opened through a Hungarian CEO we recruit.

This package is ideal for entrepreneurs who do not wish to travel to Hungary for the time being but want to start their company activities as soon as possible. You will have full online access to your corporate bank account, and once you make your first trip to Hungary, you can register yourself at the bank of your company.

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