Specialized assistance in company formation: set up a transportation company in Hungary

Transportation Company Hungary

If you are interested specifically in setting up a transportation company in Hungary, you are in the right place. We have just launched our page dedicated to the topic, with industry specific information, a couple of videos, and a profit calculator.

Business setup in Hungary – transportation company

Company formation in Hungary is the quickest and easiest in the European Union. Registration takes just 4-5 business days, you immediately get an EU VAT number, and you can start trading as soon as you open your company bank account at a Hungarian bank.

If you are in the transportation business, there are some industry specific issues you should watch out for even before making the first step. What kind of licenses you need for your employees and for your vehicles? How much time it takes to obtain them? What industry specific cost should you expect?

Watch our videos that give you a super brief summary of all the basics you should consider, then check out our cost calculator. Whether you are planning to outsource the actual operation or hire a full crew, you can see what costs to expect, and start planning with those figures in mind.

Ask for assistance from the experts

Our team has been providing business assistance to foreigners moving their business to Hungary for over 15 years. Over this time, we have supported the setup of various types of companies, and we have learnt the specific needs associated with various industries. Transportation is one of the sectors we already know well enough.

Take a look at our new page dedicated to the essentials of setting up a transportation company in Hungary! Learn the basics from our experts, and contact us to get you started.

Go to our page dedicated to setting up a transportation company in Hungary!